How do I change the Spotify streaming bitrate?

Go to to System Settings > (Audyssey) Music Player > Spotify > Bitrate.
Your new selection will take effect on the next song.

What is a device profile?

In order to apply our technology, Audyssey has built a collection of acoustical adjustments specific to each headphone and portable Bluetooth speaker model. We call these our device profiles and they must be downloaded for each pair of headphones or Bluetooth speaker you use.

Do I get to keep my existing device profiles when upgrading to the newest version of the Audyssey Music Player app?

Yes, previously downloaded profiles will be retained. Before upgrading, use iTunes or iCloud to restore a back up of Audyssey Music Player to your device. When you then update your app, your old profiles will be migrated to the new version.
Make sure to back up your apps, because the previously downloaded profiles cannot be restored if you uninstall Audyssey Music Player.

The accessory profile that is stored on the device is greyed out and can not be selected?

Completely power off the device and with your headphone plugged in, restart your device. Start up the Audyssey Music Player app, your stored profiles should now be selectable.

How do I listen to Spotify?

In order to access Spotify music service, you must be a Spotify Premium subscriber. Within the Audyssey Music Player, go to view your Playlists, Artists, Songs, or Albums. From here you will see the red music icon on the upper left. Simply touch on this icon and you can choose between either your local iTunes library or Spotify streaming service.

How do I change the Spotify account I’m logged in with?

To change the Spotify account, please do the following.
1. Go to System Settings
2. Go to (Audyssey) Music Player
3. Under Spotify, set “Change User on Next Run” to ON
4. Go back into Audyssey Music Player, and you will get the Spotify Login prompt.
5. If asked, it might say “you are logged in as X” then in small print, a link which says “Change User”

The button on the confirm screen says “IAP Disabled”. How do I purchase the Accessory Tuning?

Make sure your phone is authorized to perform in-app-purchases. You can check this Apple Support article for the steps. http://support.apple.com/kb/ht6088.

What if I can’t find my headphone or portable Bluetooth speaker model?

Well, the good news is the Audyssey Tilt feature works even without selecting a device profile. In fact, this feature even works on your device's internal speakers and connected speakers/docks. It’s also possible that you have a device we haven’t added to our database yet. If they’re not there recommend them to us and we’ll let you know when we put it up on the database.

How many device profiles can I store?

You can store an unlimited number of device profiles. To view your stored device profiles, simply tap the drop down device menu on your Audyssey Music Player app.

How do I delete a device profile?

Under your list of stored devices, swipe to the right on the model you’d like to delete. The delete button will pop up.

Why does Audyssey tuning turn off when I unplug my headphones?

The Audyssey Music Player can play your music even without headphones plugged in, but as of now, Audyssey device profiles are only available when a headphone or Bluetooth speaker is connected. When listening to music without a headphone or Bluetooth speaker, use Audyssey Tilt to adjust your sound.

Does the Audyssey Music Player have Repeat and Shuffle options?

Yes it does. The Audyssey Music Player has the same Repeat and Shuffle options as iTunes and they function in the exact same ways. Just drag the handles, near the bottom of the album art, upwards. The Repeat and Shuffle icons, along with the track information will appear. Then just tap the Shuffle and Repeat buttons to use them. Touching the album art again will make them disappear.

Will the Audyssey Music Player increase my data usage?

No. Once you’ve downloaded the app and the device profiles, the Audyssey Music Player won’t affect your data usage at all.

The Audyssey Music Player doesn't sound like it's working correctly. Why?

Make sure the correct device profile is selected. If you’re using the wrong device profile then it will negatively affect the playback. It’s extremely important that the Audyssey Music Player knows exactly which device model you’re using. Audyssey technologies are uniquely tuned for each specific headphone or portable Bluetooth speaker.

Audyssey processing turns off when I play a song from iCloud. Why?

iCloud songs must be downloaded from the cloud to your device before Audyssey can apply its advanced audio processing technologies.

How do I show iCloud and DRM songs in my playlists and library?

The Audyssey Music Player hides iCloud songs that are not downloaded on your device and DRM files from your library so you can enjoy advanced audio processing uninterrupted. To show this content, go to the iOS System Settings menu, select the Audyssey Music Player application and turn the “Hide ICLOUD and DRM Tracks” switch to “OFF."

Audyssey turns off when I play a DRM song. Why?

Apple won’t allow processing of older DRM files. You can listen to them, but Audyssey’s processing will be off.

Does the Audyssey Music Player update the Play Count for songs in my iTunes library?

Apple limits how third party apps interact with iTunes’ count data so we’re kind of at their liberty. The only songs whose counts will be tallied are DRM files and iCloud tracks (but Audyssey optimization will be turned off.)

Does the Audyssey Music Player support AirPlay?

No, the Audyssey Music Player does not support AirPlay. Wireless playback is currently only supported for Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

Does the Audyssey Music Player support Bluetooth devices?

Yes, the Audyssey Music Player can stream your music to your Bluetooth headphone or speaker. Be sure to select the correct device profile.

Do I need high-bitrate files for the Audyssey Music Player to work?

No. The Audyssey Music Player will work on music of any bitrate. It simply optimizes the output for your specific device.

What is Dynamic EQ?

It’s Audyssey’s unique method for adjusting the tonal balance as you adjust the volume. Our perception of high and low frequencies changes as we adjust the volume, so Dynamic EQ makes sure the proper balance between them is preserved at all levels.

What is Tilt?

The Audyssey Tilt feature literally “tilts” the tonal balance to your personal preference. The Tilt function’s perception of high and low frequencies is linked, so this unique feature lets you control the balance more naturally.

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